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Soul Selfish

The Awakening of a “Good Girl”

Choosing to be soul selfish is a good thing, probably the best thing you can ever do.

Jane Wyker’s first book, Soul Selfish: The Awakening of a “Good Girl,” is a story that shows the importance of becoming soul selfish on the path to creating sustained happiness. It traces her courageous path overcoming multigenerational influences, shedding conditioned beliefs, behaviors and roles, gradually taking ownership of her essential womanhood. She walks us through her process of reconnecting with her body and emotions, changing many beliefs and opening space for spiritual trust. With the help of more than a dozen brilliant and loving teachers from several varying disciplines, she has deeply invested herself in expanding her consciousness and identifying her authentic self, her soul that lies under all those beliefs and interpretations.

Soul Selfish demonstrates the transformative power of the inner journey. Through insightful and spiritually uplifting stories Jane shares the happiness, creativity, freedom and peace possible for anyone dedicated to honoring their authentic self — their soul. Through her example she shares with us the blessings of awareness and self-love that overflow to others when we dare to be selfish for our soul.

Praise for Soul Selfish

There is no one braver, no one more courageous and no one more passionate than Jane Wyker. Let her story inspire you – whether you are 18 or 85 – to live your fullest life.”

Regena Thomashauer, Creatrix of The School of Womanly Arts

This enlightening, easy-to-read memoir is a gift that gives selfish a new meaning. It recounts years of insight and reflection, motivating women of all ages to look within. Jane’s story is an eye-opener; her book Soul Selfish has something to teach us all.”

Barbara Stanny, Author of “Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles”

Every ‘Good Girl’ will see themselves, their sisters, mothers and daughters in this book. With wisdom and grace, Jane invites us on her journey. She knows about soul, spirit and a spoonful of sassy. And success! Soul Selfish is your guide to joy and pleasure, inviting you to taste life at the banquet table.”

Eileen Michaels, President Wealth Concepts, A Strategic Financial Consulting Company

To find happiness in your world, first find it in yourself. That’s the lesson Jane has learned. And teaches. While honoring herself, she encourages you to honor yourself. With a gift for story and a pen that writes with a smile and heart, Jane courageously listens to her ‘soul’s whisper’ and shares profound words that are noble and wise…. and become a book I will not forget.”

Ira Joe Fisher, Broadcaster and Author of “The Creek at the End of the Lawns” and others