Connect with Jane

Breathing is basic to life. We don’t even think about inhaling and exhaling. We live our lives in that perfect balance. Yet sometimes we need to remind ourselves to take a deep breath!

As nurturers, women are conditioned to give more than to receive, work more than play. Giving, giving, giving so much on the “exhale,” we often receive little but the pleasure of our own actions and choices. It can be exhausting!

Closeup shot of a woman hand isolated on white background. Close up hand with the palm up receivingAlthough it feels wonderful to contribute to others and to work at what we enjoy, it is also replenishing to receive — loving attention, gifts and time for ourselves. As fresh air restores us physically, so pleasure and connection renew us emotionally and spiritually.

“Be ye as little children….” for they know how to play. They expect to receive, naturally asking for what they want, often fighting for it. They are easy to laugh, even to cry for just a few moments when disappointed. Then they ask again!

How balanced are you in your giving and receiving? How open are you to receive? How gracious? Be mindful that you model for others the way you want to be treated.

  • Do you know what you want?
  • Have you surrounded yourself with people who genuinely desire to give to you?
  • How much do you give to yourself? When was the last time you bought yourself a flower, let alone a bouquet?

Start giving yourself compliments. Notice what you are proud of. Look in the mirror and give yourself a wink or blow yourself a kiss. Connect with your sensuality. Tap into a spiritual practice — prayer, meditation or journaling. Be generous with yourself.

Make receiving a priority. Take a risk. See what happens when you ask for what you want. Pat yourself on the back just for asking. Gratefully accept what others offer you.

Once you are filled up, giving will become an effortless overflow.


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