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Technological advances give us whatever facts we want to know in a matter of seconds, helping us make important daily decisions. Another valuable source of information available to us is our quiet, invisible, mysterious intuition.

Messages from intuition are very simple, either “yes” or “no.” They tell us “this feels good” or “this feels bad,” They give us direction that is not based on intellect or logic.

While reading the Sunday New York Times in the early 1970’s I came across a small notice about Tuesday lectures given by Eric Butterworth at Unity Center in Manhattan. I had never heard of him or Unity and had no particular metaphysical interest, yet I felt a strong pull to go. That decision turned out to be the first step of my spiritual birth, opening a whole new world to me. Spiritual focus remains a vital part of my life to this day.

VENICE - SEP 14: Venice canal on September 14, 2014 in Venice, Italy. Venice is a city in northeasteMore recently, my husband and I, having just landed in Venice, looked for a water taxi to go to our hotel. There were crowds at the pier and none were available. A man approached, offering to take us. I had a visceral reaction, a strong “no” feeling, but since we could not find another and were both anxious to get settled, I agreed to go with him. It was most unusual for me to abandon my intuition as I almost always honor it.

The driver reached out to help me board but did not hold my hand firmly nor tie the boat securely. As I stepped from the dock the boat drifted away. My momentum carried me into the canal and my left leg smashed against the side of the boat. Soon I felt water seeping into my shoes, then realized I was up to my chest in the dirty, smelly canal! Three men urgently lifted me out of the foul water. I could not believe I fell into a polluted Venice canal just thirty minutes after arriving. Jane Italy wheelchairI spent the entire vacation in a wheelchair and many more months recovering.

These are life-altering examples of the importance of intuition. There are hundreds of others that have led me to prudent decisions: events to attend, communities to join, people to include or distance from.

We can never know where our intuition will lead us, but I have learned to follow its wisdom. I think it is guidance coming from our souls: gentle but strong, a feeling leading us to something new, unexpected and always beneficial.


I invite all of you to share your stories and support one another here.